Share Your Love with an Internet Company in Need; Become a Sponsor

“Hello there,

Right now, all over the world, dot-coms are hurting. They are suffering from faulty business plans and cash-flow shortfalls. They lack earnings and even the most basic of revenue models. In many countries, 4 out of 5 dot-coms will die within the next two years.

All that is needed is someone who will look into the eyes of a needy dot-com and say, ‘Yes, I will help.’

Someone like you.

With each passing day, dot-coms are finding it increasingly difficult to stay alive. Cut off from further venture funding or bank credit, without access to sufficient revenues, many are forced to make choices about which essentials they can afford: salaries or benefits, marketing or product development, sales or office parties? Choices no one should have to make. Despair takes the place of hope.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Right now, living, breathing dot-coms need your help. Please, look deep into your heart and make the decision to become a Save the Dot-Coms sponsor, and for as little as 79 cents a day (or about the cost of the average Internet stock today), you can help stop the suffering and give deserving dot-coms a better life today, and a chance for the future.

As a dot-com sponsor, you become a partner in bringing renewed hope to a dot-com whose future is now in doubt. The special relationship you can develop with your dot-com is something you’ll cherish forever. It starts with a photograph and corporate history of your dot-com. And it continues as you enjoy opportunities to get to know your sponsored dot-com (and for your dot-com to learn all about you!).

Best of all, you’ll actually see the impact that your sponsorship is having. You’ll receive regular earnings reports and press releases from your dot-com, on your dot-com’s own stationery. And thanks to your contribution, you will keep your dot-com off the pages of DotComFailures or The Industry Standard‘s Dot-Com Layoff Tracker.

Your tax-deductible contribution can be sent directly to the company, or to its creditors, or its lawyers, or to me, Sally Struthers.

Imagine the excitement when we tell a special dot-com that someone wants to make a difference in its life! Still not convinced? Read testimonials from participants. Or hear the sad tale of a dot-com in need.

Please. There are so many precious dot-coms waiting to be sponsored. You can even sponsor a dot-com from an area or market that has special meaning to you or is close to your heart. Please, won’t you fill out the sponsorship form today? Right now? The life of a dot-com is all too short. Extend a hand, and extend the hope.”

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