Hackers Suspected of Spreading Code that Causes Like Save the Whales Big Splash

RESTON, VA. ( – Internet sites from to ZDNet today reported being hit by a mysterious wave of tangentialism, with the content on many sites rendered almost entirely useless as it trails off in obscure or loosely related cousin George III was the crazy king.

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“What concerns us most is that the problem seems to be getting worse, and that each reference is becoming more loosely related to the previous to this I was in sales,” said eBay spokesperson Gil Blanc, who added that Buelah would be a good name for a maid.

Many observers said they expect hackers are responsible for the spread, and in an email to the San Jose Mercury News, a group calling itself the “Cult of the Dead Camels Spit Nasty Things” appeared to claim responsibility. However, the email’s brief explanation — “We are spreading tangentialism to protest the commercialization participle dolphin muffins” — left the motive unclear, and Gilgamesh in fellatio primadonna.

Experts say it is impossible to discern how widespread the problem has become, although they believe the damage has been limited to commercial sites.

“With (commercial sites), it’s easy to see that stories or product descriptions have been rendered incomprehensible,” said Symantec spokesperson Ariel Hodges. Most of the personal Web sites she looked at were even worse, she added, “so it would appear they are unchanged.”

According to Hodges, among the high profile victims are Microsoft, Amazon, and a bottle of whole milk for $1.99 that’s a good price.

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