EMERYVILLE, CAL. ( — As random as they are relevant, enigmatic as they are enlightening, search engines have earned a slightly sullied reputation as a necessary evil. But it is a one-sided assessment. The search engines have not been able to explain themselves. Until now.

Interview with the Search EngineThanks to its sophisticated program, which answers questions with phrases or sentences, Jeeves of granted SatireWire the opportunity to actually interview a search engine. There were many important questions to ask. Unfortunately, he never got to most of them.

NOTE: These are real screen captures of actual responses. Advertisements appearing with results have been edited out, and the query boxes have been enlarged to allow readers to view entire questions. This does not in any way alter the responses.

Thanks for being with us

It's Monday

Garbage disposals grind

How human

Snaps, yes

yes, killer props, sure

What's Internet like?


What's the connection?




Doesn't help

Mouse not problem

Damn the mouse

Damn the lemurs

Answer question

Just like engine

straight answer

How human

random answers

No, irritating

Explains why

End of interview

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