i thank You Tim

by e.e. commerce

(An Ode To World Wide Web Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee)

i thank You Tim for most this amazing
spirits soar profits soar people
clickclick they buy
a true dream of productness;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes
yes:i opt-in for your mailing list.

i consumer of this Internet most
new most:in-
complete. intense
-its scripted kisses, make
my heart-soar-my-wallet-
light the way oh sylvan:seducer oh
perlant debaucher
i am your whore your broad-
band access me feed me your sweet
cookies. i part-my-lips i drop-my-packets before you

i brickish retailer who had died am born again today,
and your foresight;website is the birthday gift;
you have givenme great. presence of web
(and life and love and earnings unattainable:
before the great happening illimitably Internet)

(now the customers of my customers awake and
now the distributors of my distributors are worried)

Copyright © 2000-2009, SatireWire.

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