ATLANTA ( – News network CNN again today urged amateur stormchasers not to video tornadoes but instead seek shelter immediately, a warning they reinforced by repeatedly showing footage from amateur stormchasers not seeking shelter immediately.
“Please, if you see a tornado coming, do not pull out your iPhone or your videocamera, do not follow it in your car,” said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. “We don’t need people getting hurt trying to send us incredible footage like this, from iReporter Devon Hart in Oklahoma.”
CNN then cut to video, taken through a car windshield, of a massive funnel cloud crossing a highway, ripping up trees and blowing electrical transformers as it went. Hart and a passenger barely escaped.
As further storms bore down on the Midwest, anchor Ali Velshi watched Hart’s footage while speaking to the iReporter via telephone.
“Devon, there is more bad weather coming your way today, and I hope you now understand how it’s not worth it to… oh my God, was that a telephone pole flying over your car?”
“Yeah, we were pretty much in the funnel at this point,” Hart replied.
“Wow,” said Velshi. “That is both incredible and reckless. Let’s rack that again.”
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer later directed viewers not to even think about sending in similarly phenomenal footage by logging on to, where they can instantly upload video they should under no circumstances be taking.
“We don’t need anyone killed trying to get their video on the air,” said Blitzer. “Although if you did get killed, we would have to show that.”
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