2001 Mazda Metaphor a Hit with Symbolic Car Buyers

Briefs in a BriefDetriot, Mich. (SatireWire.com) – Targeting consumers who would like a new car but can’t afford one, Mazda yesterday introduced the 2001 Metaphor – a vehicle the company described as a sporty, two-door convertible, but which on initial inspection appears to be nothing more than a standard red brick.

According to Mazda president Mark Fields, the Metaphor symbolizes all that is good about a new car. It’s sleek and stylish, he said, can fit into any parking space, and gets people where they want to go quickly and cheaply. Fields refused to explain how a brick does all this, but symbolic car buyers such as Rosa Guitteriez don’t seem to mind. Guitteriez said she bought the Metaphor for her daughter Emily both because it’s inexpensive and because it’s new, which shows 16-year-year old Emily how much she is loved and trusted.

Added an appreciative Emily: “This is so stupid. It’s a brick.”

The Metaphor, with a sticker price of just $1,395, is available in brownish-red.

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