Ventura's Departure Bodes Ill for Wrestlers

Briefs in a Brief

St. Paul, Minn. ( – Saying he wanted to protect his family’s privacy, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura announced this week he will not run for re-election, yet another sign that the intense media scrutiny given to those in public service is driving away the best and brightest professional wrestlers.

Ventura, whose first term has been marked by controversy, lashed out at critics Wednesday for their tactics, which he said would keep not just professional wrestlers, but also circus clowns and possibly even “Survivor” participants from seeking public office.

“You jackals in the media have to ask yourselves, ‘Is it right to harass a man just because he continually allows his son to throw wild parties in the governor’s mansion? Is it right to cast doubt on a man’s priorities just because he wanted to make money as a TV analyst for the XFL while he was governor? Is it right to question a man’s intellect just because he said he wants to be reincarnated as a size 38DD bra?”

“Um… is this a trick question?” the media replied.

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