NEW YORK, NY ( – In the latest staff shakeup, President-elect Donald Trump today reportedly replaced key members of his transition team with an angry, racist coffee mug.

The mug, which portrays an angry man shouting a racist phrase, immediately drew the ire of Democrats, who said it sends “exactly the wrong signal” to a divided nation.
But Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway brushed off the criticism.
“Democrats talk about healing our country, and yet this kind of talk does nothing to bring our country together,” said Conway. “President-elect Trump is very pleased to have the angry, racist coffee mug join his incredible team to make America great again, and I urge all Americans not to judge the angry, racist coffee mug on its past performance, on what we ‘think’ its views are, or on any other forms of perceiving it, but instead judge it on what it will do in the unknowable future.”
Other Republicans accused Democrats of attempting to undermine the incoming president.
“They lost the election and now they’re pointing fingers trying to make the angry, racist coffee mug into a caricature,” said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. “I haven’t met the angry, racist coffee mug personally, so I can’t say it’s racist or not, but I can say it’s ridiculous to claim that the angry, racist coffee mug is entirely responsible for every single thing that’s printed on it.”
Sources inside Trump Tower said the angry, racist coffee mug has so far fit seamlessly into the transition, and hinted that another staff announcement could come as early as tomorrow, when outgoing advisor Mike Rogers, a Republican moderate, will be replaced by a box of firecrackers.
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