Tiny Net Company Insists It's a Goddamned Bellwether

Briefs in a Brief

Wausau, Wis. (SatireWire.com) – Bart Garmon, president and chief executive officer of BartGarmon.com, a now solo Web design shop that is shedding employees and quickly running out of cash, insists his ailing firm should be considered an “Internet bellwether” alongside Cisco, Yahoo, and “all those other major goddamned technology companies.”

“You know what, there are more Internet companies like mine than there are like fuckin’ Oracle, so why is it only the big players get to be bellwethers?” asked Garmon. “I’m going through the same shit, but I don’t see the Wall Street Journal writing, ‘If you want to know how the industry is hurting, look no further than Internet bellwethers Yahoo and BartGarmon.com.”

Garmon acknowledged that things haven’t been going well at home lately, either.

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