Russian-Pizza Hut Rocket Explodes; Thin Crust Blamed

Briefs in a Brief

Astana, Kazakhstan ( – The Pizza Hut-sponsored Russian rocket carrying international space station equipment exploded while in orbit today, just days after its launch. Russian Space Agency officials immediately blamed the proton rocket’s “thin, crunchy crust,” insisting they had ordered a deep dish Pan Proton rocket, which is thicker. Pizza Hut officials, however, argued the Russians could only afford the Thin ‘n Crispy®. “If they were so concerned, they shouldn’t have ordered the mushrooms and black olives,” said company spokesman Rick Cavella. “That was $20 million extra.”

On a brighter note, Cavella pointed out that Earth’s upper atmosphere is now a tantalizing mouthful of flavors, dripping with fresh cheese and new tomatoes.

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