MTV Show Kills Unsuspecting Man, Films His Hilarious Reaction

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New York, N.Y. ( – MTV reality show “Harassment,” which recently placed a mutilated corpse in an unwitting couple’s hotel room and filmed their response, unveiled a laugh-out-loud new episode today in which they kill an unsuspecting man and capture his hysterically shocked reaction.

“You should have seen the look on the dude’s face!” said Harassment producer Ashton Kutcher. “He was just staring like ‘What the hell was that?’ It was so funny.”

The new show begins when convicted murderer Jerry Turnbridge escapes from the Marion Federal Penitentiary in Illinois with the help of the Harassment crew, which tricked the warden into believing they were filming a documentary for PBS.

“That part alone was friggin’ beautiful,” recalled Kutcher. “(Turnbridge) just started shooting all these prison guards who were like, ‘Hey, where’d that guy get a gun?’ We got some really shocked looks that’ll have people in stitches.”

After the escape, said Kutcher, Turnbridge shows up at the apartment of 32-year-old Mark Crawford of Chicago, who had been led to believe he’d won a new television in an MTV contest. As hidden cameras roll, Crawford lets Turnbridge in and asks for his prize, whereupon the murderer shoots the victim at point blank range.

Kutcher, who also serves as the show’s host, then enters the apartment and reveals the joke.

In a related story, Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers, which broadcasts actual crank calls made to real people, recently completed filming of a hysterical new episode in which an actor, posing as a Pakistani general, successfully calls in a nuclear strike against India.

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