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SatireWire Takes a Tour of Our Culturally-Enriching Internet

ON THE INTERNET ( – Web pages containing the phrase “I love money” outnumber those containing the phrase “I love Monet” by 140-to-1. For every page where someone has mentioned a conversation with physicist Stephen Hawking, there are 138 pages expressing a desire for sex with Britney Spears. But does this mean the majority of the Web is little more than cultural waste, a new media Gomorrah dedicated to the lowest common denominator?

Yeah, pretty much.

(Please Note: Despite SatireWire’s general dedication to making things up, the following results are quite real. Try it yourself.)

jefferson vs. beavis

plato vs playboy

Money or Monet?

Britney Spears or David Halberstam

museums vs bombs

Wrestlemania vs. Wordsworthmania

sexpot vs secular positivism

so high vs. moved

babes vs Brahms

Shakespeare vs. Regis Philbin

Eminem vs. Emily Bronte

Eminem vs. Emily Bronte II

Eminem vs. Emily Bronte III

OK, the Internet is bad

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