Spain, Morocco Fight Over, Have Same IQ As, Rock

Briefs in a Brief

Bel Younech, Morocco ( – Morocco and Spain said today they would not reoccupy a tiny outcropping of rock the two government have been fighting over in a dispute over which side has the lower IQ.

Morocco struck the first blow, gaining full zeroes for its invasion of an uninhabited, 30-acre islet that sits less than 200 meters off its coast. However, Spain evened the score Wednesday, sending a large part of its navy to retake the island from six Moroccan soldiers and a goat.

At the end of regulation, international judges ruled the contest a draw, and the match has now gone into extra time, with Morocco pulling behind this morning after a team of its paratroopers attempted to drown a Spanish mackerel swimming just 30 meters off the coast. Spain initially disappointed the judges by simply rescuing the fish, but its eventual decision to stake its claim over the mackerel’s sovereignty by sticking a Spanish flag in it has once again left the match deadlocked.

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