Halle Berry's Husband Can't Stop Fantasizing About Halle Berry

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Hollywood, Calif. (SatireWire.com) – R&B singer Eric Benet, the husband of sultry, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, admitted today that like most men, he sometimes fantasizes about sleeping with sultry, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry.

“I love my wife and all, it’s not that,” Benet explained. “It’s just that, every now and then, like when we’re making love, I imagine being with Halle Berry. That’s not weird. I think most guys do that.”

Marriage counselors agree, insisting that if done in moderation, a rich fantasy life can be good for a relationship. And Berry, the ravishing star of “Monster’s Ball,” is a natural choice. But the actress conceded that her husband’s fantasies are troubling.

“We only got married last year, so it seems a little early for him to be dreaming about other women,” said Berry. “I mean, yeah, I want Eric to be happy, but it gets really creepy. Like if we’re in bed, sometimes he actually calls out, ‘Oh Halle, Halle!’ I wish at least he wouldn’t use her name.”

Lately, Berry added, Benet has begun turning out the lights before the couple gets into bed, insisting that he is shy. “But I’m not stupid,” she said. “I know he does that so instead of my face, he can picture hers.”

Asked if she ever fantasizes about men, such as R&B singer Eric Benet, Berry replied, “Who?”

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