Bush Calls For Mideast Truce So U.S. Can Attack Iraq

Washington, D.C. (SatireWire.com) – Complaining that the window of opportunity was closing, an exasperated President Bush today called on Israelis and Palestinians to declare an immediate cease fire in order… Read more

Israel Offers Palestinians Virtual State For Only $49.95 a Month

Jerusalem (SatireWire.com) – Proposing a compromise he hopes will ensure his nation’s security, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak announced Israel will allow the Palestinians to form an independent nation, but… Read more

Ships, Thatcher, No Longer "She"

London (SatireWire.com) – The shipping industry newspaper Lloyd’s List, one of the world’s oldest publications, announced Wednesday it will no longer use the feminine pronoun “she” when referring to ships,… Read more

Starving, Dying Poor to Get Much-Needed Net Access

Okinawa, Japan (SatireWire.com) – The world’s poorest nations reacted with elation yesterday after learning the G-8 economic powers have pledged to bring them into the digital economy by wiring their… Read more

Zimbabwe Challenger Shocked at Loss; Also Beaten

Harare, Zimbabwe (SatireWire.com) – Asked to comment Thursday about his loss to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe in this week’s election, which has been called a fraud by many in the… Read more

IMF Rate Hike Suggestion Proves Hike Not Needed

Washington, D.C. (SatireWire.com) – In what analysts are calling “a definitive sign” that Fed rate hikes have indeed quelled the U.S. economy and are no longer necessary, the International Monetary… Read more

Al Qaeda Proposes $249.98 Military Budget

Afghanistan (SatireWire.com) – In response to U.S. President George Bush’s $379 billion proposed military budget, which calls for high-tech weaponry such as pilotless spy aircraft and a missile shield, al… Read more

"AOL of Latin America" Adopts Busy Signal

New York, N.Y. (Satirewire.com) – Building on its self-professed desire to become the “AOL of Latin America,” StarMedia CEO Fernando Espuelas said today the company will now enter a two-year… Read more

Zimbabwe Changes Name to AAA Zimbabwe

Harare, AAA Zimbabwe (SatireWire.com) – Zimbabwe today officially changed its name to AAA Zimbabwe, vaulting 188 places in the United Nations Membership Directory in an attempt to catch the eye… Read more

India Sends Message by Invading

New Delhi, India (SatireWire.com) – In what observers say is likely to further strain already tense relations between the two countries, India today sent a stern message to neighboring Pakistan… Read more
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