Bin Laden Rookie Card Drops in Value

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Kandahar, Afghanistan ( – The value of Osama bin Laden’s rookie card has dropped nearly in half in the past week, as experts say the once-hot collectible appears to be in the midst of a late fall swoon along with the veteran lefty and his al Qaeda teammates.

bin Laden's 1991 card

“Last week, I sold a bin Laden rookie in mint condition for 712,500 afghanis (US $150),” said Hosani Kubrahim, owner of Kandahar Kollectibles. “But collectors are fickle. This week, it’s all ‘Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter’.”

Kubrahim said the card, issued in 1991 as part of a special “Terrors of Tomorrow” set, still could rise in value if bin Laden is elected to the Terrorism Hall of Fame. “If you get into the Hall, your card can easily triple in value,” Kubrahim explained. “But you have to be dead to get in, so I’m hoping the U.S. finds him pretty soon. Otherwise I’m out about 200 million afghanis.”

According to a survey by HobbyWorld magazine, here are the hottest cards in the Middle East right now:

¤ Northern Alliance Leaders (uncut sheet – has all leaders, just in case)
¤ Burka Babes
¤ Harry Potter
¤ Mosque: The Gathering
¤ Bunker Busters (“Armament All-Star” series)
¤ Saddam Hussein (mandatory purchase in Iraq)
¤ Xena
¤ Karim “Close Shave” Kalizad (“Kabul Legendary Barber” Series )

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