Being technologically challenged or impaired is nothing to be ashamed about.

In fact, millions of people suffer from it daily. Many, however, don’t recognize their condition, and unless they talk about it, these people are often difficult to diagnose. It is our sincere hope that the following list of Warning Signs may serve as a guide to help you, or someone you know, make an informed decision.

  1. After sending someone an email, you phone to tell that someone that you’ve sent them an email.
  2. All your bookmarks are tech support sites.
  3. Look at your email address. Does it end in “aol.com”?
  4. You keep forgetting which side of the mouse you use to “right-click.”
  5. All your bookmarks are genealogy sites.
  6. When your computer freezes, and someone tells you to turn up the heat in the room, you actually do it.
  7. When installing software and it asks if you want to do a “normal” or “custom” install, you get upset that there is more than one option.
  8. You say things like, “With my new 850 Mhz machine, the Internet is much faster.”
  9. You ordered a computer with a CD-ROM, but instead it came with a stupid cup holder.
  10. You are told about viruses such as ILoveYou and warned not to click the attachments, then the next day you get an ILoveYou email and click on the attachment because, well, it came from someone you know.

If you recognize any three of these signs, you may be in need of an evaluation by a Licensed Techcare Professional. If you recognize five or more, you may be suffering from a more serious condition known as Reinstallzheimers. Seek help now.

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