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Every illegal immigrant that voted is seen here on the National Mall.

WASHINGTON, D.C. ( – Finally emerging from the shadows, the 3 million illegal immigrants who voted in November’s presidential election marched on Washington, D.C. today, carrying signs reading “………………” and chanting slogans like, “…………….,” and “……..,…………….!”

The illegals, whose ballots cost President Trump the popular vote, stretched from the Capitol building all the way to the Lincoln Memorial in much the same way the crowd did at President Trump’s inauguration last week.

“…………..,” explained one protester, who said he came from Mexico along with drug dealers, rapists, and a few of what he assumed were good people. “………………..,” he added.

In a show of unusual solidarity, the 3 million illegal immigrants were joined by the thousands of Muslim Americans who cheered from a New Jersey rooftop on 9/11, countless children with vaccine-induced autism, and about a quarter of a million Syrian refugees – mostly young, male ISIS fighters – who came into the U.S. last year at the behest of their terror movement’s co-founders, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Among the more prominent marchers were the team of experts who discovered Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate, Chinese leaders who created the climate change hoax, and the man who assassinated Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Police said no arrests were made.

A smaller, counter-protest is expected tomorrow comprised of Americans who don’t care at all about the President’s tax returns, men who grope women but mean no disrespect, and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s testicles.

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