CMGI + Napster = Wow – Wow

Andover, Mass. ( – In a $1.1 billion deal, Internet holding company CMGI today announced it would merge with online music site Napster to create a company that no one… Read more

Friends Recall Gist of Cliffs Notes Founder

Lincoln, Neb. ( – Cliffs Notes founder Clifton Hillegass, born 1918, founded Cliffs Notes 1958, sold in 1998, died Saturday, age 83. Hillegass served in Army, had idea for Cliffs… Read more

Sites Offer Large Print for Old People

Sarasota, Fla. ( – Reacting to new studies claiming people aged 55 and older are the fastest growing segment of new Internet users, hundreds of Web sites have begun offering… Read more

92 Percent Of Web Sites Made in China

New York ( – In yet another disturbing sign that the Internet continues to be little more than a reflection of American culture, a new study by New York University… Read more

Volvo With Spoiler Still Just Volvo

Columbus, Ohio ( – Forty-two-year-old accounting executive Marvin Cohen had a rear spoiler installed on his four-door Volvo S80 sedan yesterday in the mistaken belief that it would somehow make… Read more

Earth to Wal-Mart…

Fayetteville, Ark. ( – Emerging from the deep, isolated cavern where its executives apparently have been hibernating for the past two years, Wal-Mart Friday proudly announced it will roll out… Read more

Exxon Mobil Declares Martial Law

Dallas, Texas ( – Exxon Mobil Chief Executive Lee Raymond yesterday declared martial law in the United States, an act that automatically suspended the Bill of Rights and forced nearly… Read more

Juno, NetZero Merger to Create Largest ISP To Someday Declare Bankruptcy

Los Angeles ( – Struggling rivals Juno Online and NetZero announced a $70 million merger Thursday, instantly creating what will be the nation’s No. 2 Internet access provider, and the… Read more Wins ABA Achievement Award

San Diego, Cal. ( – Online music distributor joined Microsoft yesterday as the only high technology companies to win the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Bar Association.… Read more

French Strike for Greater Productivity

Paris ( – Angered over reports that California’s economy has surpassed that of France, dozens of French labor unions staged a massive, nationwide strike Friday, demanding the government investigate possible… Read more
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