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Thursday, May 3, 2001
Weak? They called me weak? They don't even know me! Lord I am angry. That story the Chinese put out about me is wrong all the way 'round. I'm gonna take this point by point, so hang with me:

  • First, the Chinese say that 'cause I wanna put up this missile shield, our European allies think I'm a "egoist." Wrong! I called Jacques Chirac myself and asked if they all thought that, and he told me, quote: "We never said 'egoist.' We said ee-dee-it.'"
  • They also say my "whole-hearted wish is to cast off the shadow of ' the weak president '." Not true. I love my Dad.
  • They say my "excessive acts and words" over the whole spy plane crack-up and the Taiwan arms thing are "all connected to this state of mind." Baloney. There is nothin' connected to my mind. You ask Dick Cheney!
  • They say, "Once in power, a man will try to make full use of his power.'' Okay, that's true. But my attorney general told me I can't arrest Congressmen for not havin' lunch with me, so I'm not gonna push it.
  • Last, they say I'm stallin' the peace process in Korea by takin' a "more skeptical stance toward Pyongyang." Big obvious lie! Who the hell is Pyongyang? I don't even know any Pyongyangs! See, they're just makin' things up!
    [Posted by G.W.] 12:41 p.m.



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