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"My name is William Lansing. Right now, I am the Chief Executive Officer of a company called NBC Internet, or NBCi. But I might not be for long. You see, in my world, there may be no tomorrow.

"In the company where I work, 'tomorrow' is no longer a promise. It is as vague and unpredictable as a 'path to profitability' or a 'viable business model.' We do not know what will happen. Every day, as I walk the 100 yards to collect my car in the parking lot, I see the vultures as they circle our company, whisking away our best employees. Every day, I must hear the cries of my workers, who want to know, 'Will I have a job tomorrow?' 'Will my stock options ever come out from under the water?' I do not know what to tell them.

"I have tried to do many things to help NBCi. I have cut costs and staff. I have sold off business units. But the media, the analysts, the consultants, all tell us we are in a bad way.

"We do not want to be in a bad way.

"We want to live, to become productive, profitable members of the business community. But we cannot do it alone. I need your help. We need your help. Will not you please become our sponsor through Save the Dot-Coms? And if not us, will not you please consider sponsoring another unfortunate dot-com? There are so many, but just think what it could mean to the life of just one of us.

"Just one.

"Please, become a sponsor. A Nasdaq listing is a terrible thing to waste.


Won't you help William, or someone just like him? Please, become a sponsor. For some companies, 79 cents a day will double their cash flow.


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