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¤ Top 10 Party Preschools Named ¤ Wall Street Questions CEO Signatures
¤ Jupiter Did Something Wrong ¤ Iraq Invasion Stopped by Red Tape
¤ Viagra Spill Revives Lake Michigan ¤ Pilots Armed AND Loaded
¤ One Nation (this space available) ¤ Canada Invasion Foiled
¤ Bush Sets Palestine World Cup Terms ¤ Self Esteem of Losers Kids Protected
¤ Terrorists Marry Forest Workers ¤ Obese Passengers Eat...
¤ Greenpeace Will Now Oppose Everything ¤ FBI Passes Secrets to U.S.
¤ Merger Creates 900 Million Hinjews ¤ Men DO Talk About Relationships
¤ SatireWire Releases Book! ¤ You'll Have to Go
¤ Life in Prison to the West! ¤ Soccer-Mad U.S. Preps for World Cup
¤ Rumsfield Gives I'm Scared Shitless Speech ¤ Nuke Treaty to be Signed, Ignored
¤ Nation's Mailboxes Safe for Bashing ¤ Jesus Was God's Nephew
¤ Scientist Finds Toy Prize Inside Atom ¤ Pentagon Using Roborats
¤ Humans Mostly Not Dumber Than Rice ¤ Burn Environmental Activists
¤ In Bed with Ned, Ted, George, and Ed ¤ George Bush Pregnant
¤ Airport Screeners Can't Detect Anything ¤ Rudeness Survey Proves U.S. Whiny
¤ Rich Awed by Poor ¤ Egan's Law passed
¤ Earth Beset by Global Coincidence ¤ Typo Causes Companies to Merde
¤ Drunk Women More Fun to Study ¤ Global March Madness
¤ God Names Jews Chosen People Again ¤ Swiss Taunted by UN Classmates
¤ Disinfo Agency "Closed." Right. ¤ How to Change a Spare Government
¤ Cheney Denies He's Expendable ¤ Corp's Cheat Like We Do
¤ U.S. to Consult, Ignore Allies ¤ French Judge Gives Taliban Win
¤ FBI Issues 5-Day Terror Forecast. ¤ Canada Has a Warship?
¤ Arafat, Sharon Walk off "Israel" Set ¤ Olympians Urged to Finish Behind U.S.
¤ Axis of Just as Evil ¤ Australia Wakes Up in North Atlantic
¤ Bush Chokes "the" Pretzel ¤ Students Demand Easier Countries
¤ Bush Left to Choke ¤ Asteroids Steered at Earth for Study
¤ You Must Satisfy Your Queen ¤ The Sou'wester Alliance of Afghanistan
¤ Pat Robertson Steps Down ¤ Human Embryo Cloned
¤ Cannibals Longing for Comfort Food ¤ U.S. Unprepared for Unlikely Threats
¤ Nation Pulls Together, Falls Over ¤ ACLU Takes Over Terror Investigation
¤ Airport Screening to Include Mammogram ¤ Afghan Mountains Surrender!
¤ U.S. to Halt Attacks During Holy Month
   Of Harry Potter Movie Release
¤ So Now God Takes an Interest
   In Answering New York's Prayers
¤ U.S. Returning to Highly Alert State of Normal ¤ Ozone No Longer Biggest Threat
¤ Militant Moderates Stage Modest Protests ¤ Hockey Brings Respite from Violence
¤ Star Trek Crew May Intervene ¤ Break Up the Red Cross
¤ Real-Life Disney Movie
Almost as Good as Animation
¤ U.S. Asks bin Laden to Be
Site of Massive Monument
¤ Amish Assail Novel 'Buggy Nights' ¤ Jesus Returns, Beatles Reunite,
China Destroyed, Microsoft Takes Over
Internet, But All Anybody Wants
to Talk About Is the Stupid Election


¤ Girlfriend Reports Disappointing Results ¤ Wall Street Questions CEO Signatures
¤ Bush Condemns Corruption, Mostly ¤ Cops Accused of Corporacial Profiling
¤ CEOnistas Make a Break for It ¤ Earnings Protected as "Art"
¤ Brawl at Economic Forum Weigh-In ¤ Andersen Does Right Thing, Changes Name
¤ Microsoft Spins Off Patch Company ¤ Enron CEO Joins Nigerian Firm
¤ Segway Human Transporter Acronym ¤ Enron Really Argentina
¤ Economy Forbidden to Recover ¤ SatireWire's Segway Scooter Coverage
¤ Lung Cancer Changes to Philip Morris ¤ Unemployed Have More Time to Shop
¤ Anti-Terror Bill Requires
   Americans to Install Windows XP
¤ Justice to Break Up Apple
   For Causing Microsoft Monopoly
¤ Leave Panic to Professionals ¤ Americans Pretending They Own Homes
¤ Atlanta Has Time to Hate Again ¤ Guard Escorts Self from Building
¤ Study Finds You Don't
Really Make a Difference
¤ Factory Orders Drop; "Most Consumers
Can't Afford Factories" Cited As Reason
¤ Dell "Recalls" Laptop Parts ¤ Revolution Comes, But at Bad Time
¤ Don't Panic Now, Panic Tuesday ¤ Media Convicts Media in Media
¤ Mad Cows Use Cell Phones ¤ Microsoft Admits to Lewinsky Affair
¤ Fed Drops Rates, Acid at Policy Rave ¤ The Job Fairy
¤ New Economy Deserves New Recession ¤ Gearing Up for the Ginger-Based Economy
¤ Car Phone Safety: Scream! Before Impact ¤ Nation's First 'Low-Stress' Casino Arrives
¤ New HMO Strategy: Pay Health Claims ¤ Consultancy Wins E-Gurgitate Award
¤ The Lord Takes Stake In Ford ¤ Moskowitzs Make More Money Than You
¤ Did Microsoft Hide Message In Ad? ¤ Europe Not Being Ignored
¤ AT&T to Downsize Itself, Others ¤ AT&T Ceases to Exist


¤ Virus Making Now Hate Crime ¤ Crackdown on Piracy
¤ Boring People Asked to Stop Encrypting ¤ Spamthrax Alert!
¤ Parents: Net Teaches Fuckin' Profanity ¤ Someday We'll Laugh Bitterly
¤ Oy, Visit Your Mother's Web Site ¤ e.e. commerce on Lam
¤ The Son Returns ¤ Your Boss, a Hooker, and a Camera
¤ My Night with Bill Gates ¤ Stock Message Board Blues
¤ Nation Having Hard Time Giving
Shit About AOL-Time Warner Merger
¤ 2000: The Internet Year in Review
¤ "Cubists Launch Unnavigable Web Site ¤ DotCom Holiday Cards
¤ "Hackers-for-Nader" Deliver Victory ¤ Riot at Dot-Camp Alpha
¤ Internet to Be Private Club ¤ Personal Surfing Unaffected by Work
¤ Ellison To Grads: Diplomas Are For Losers ¤ Mr. Clickwell's Worst-Dressed Site List
¤ Americans Annoyed by "All this
International Shit" on Internet
¤ U.N. Grants Laid Off Dot-Com Workers
Refugee Status
¤ M.I.T. Spam Study Finds Instant Wealth,
   Sexy Coeds Just A Click Away!
¤ Survey: Majority Of Web Users Are
FBI Agents Posing As Teenage Girls
¤ Employee-Slapping Widespread, Effective ¤ Headhunting Firm Decapitates 250
¤ Third World Fears Internet Bubble ¤ If At First You Don't Succeed, Say So
¤ Tangentialism Strikes Net Stapler Toothbrush ¤ South Dakota Goes Digital
¤ Postcards From The Ex ¤ Interview With The Search Engine
¤ e.e. commerce: Internet Poet Laureate ¤ e.e. commerce Returns


¤ Court Rules MSFT Needs Time to Kill ¤ Seti Turns Down Alien Help
¤ Dell Supports Gateway Amnesty ¤ Apathy Bug in Windows XP
¤ Yahorny? Yahoo! ¤ Cisco Not Just Stock; Also Company
¤ MS Outlook Doesn't Spread Hoof-Mouth ¤ Tech Firms File Chapter 51
¤ Judge Denies Bias Against
Guilty Microsoft Bastards
¤ Opponents Say Net Ads Too Intrusive
Save 10% at
¤ Web Sites Fashions for Spring:
It's All About Pretty
¤ Napster Ordered to Stop As Soon As
Judges Finish Downloading Songs
¤ "The Next Amazon" ¤ Linux Will Stop Now
¤ DotCom Chain Letter Really Works! ¤ The Day Linux 2.4 Arrived
¤ .Museum? .Coop? ¤ Would Priceline Get Funded Today?
¤ Sun Releases Final Word On Microsoft ¤ Netizen Fears Hacks Will Steal His
CC# 8099 0788 341 9800 exp. 12/01
¤ Gore Puts Internet for Sale on eBay ¤ Very Vertical Search Engines
¤ Fed OKs "Prescribed Burn" Of Dot-Coms ¤ Mindspring Wants Annulment
¤ New Government Portal Design Leaked ¤ Dot-Com Mania: Loudcloud up 1/8!
¤ Windows Has French DNA ¤ Dot-Coms Not Really Dot-Coms
¤ Companies Demand To Be Monopolies ¤ Denial-Of-Service: The Real Victims
¤ Major Sites Hawking Minor's Privates? ¤ 'Mass Doping' Behind Net Stock Rise
¤ Sun To Merge With Paramedic ¤ Essay Winner To Control Net
¤ Auction Sellers Choose Hint Over Hype ¤ Start-Ups Forced To Pay In 'Money'
¤ Priceline Drops 'Name-Price For Money' ¤ EC Think Tank: Legalise Internet
¤ Success Built on Failure ¤ Clinton Taps Strategic Programmer Reserves
¤ It's Official: Everybody Hates Microsoft ¤ Internet Converts to Premium Services


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